Warner Matthews Asset Management was established by Jonathan Matthews over 30 years ago

Since then, we have been providing personalised advice to private and professional clients on tax planning and asset management, and on pension, investment and insurance products available in the market.

We have no ties to the providers of such products and, when we have agreed your financial objectives, will research the whole of the market in suitable products and make recommendations to you.

We offer a restricted advice service, which means we do not advise on Group Personal Pensions* or Structured Products** nor upon exotic and high-risk tax mitigation schemes.

Our private clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and mainly live and work across the UK. We also advise a handful of overseas clients.

Some clients are just beginning to plan their financial future. Others are approaching, or are already in, retirement, or experiencing a major life event requiring financial planning. So we understand the range of concerns which can arise at different life-stages.

For our clients, these are unique. We use our long-acquired experience to guide you and offer clarity of decision-making.

Our professional clients include firms of accountants, solicitors and other financial advisors who wish to call on our expertise for their clients.

We undertake specific financial tasks, usually as part of an exercise in estate planning or handling the consequences of bereavement or divorce.

* A Group Personal Pension Plan is a registered pension scheme. It is a collection of individual personal plans grouped together by the pension provider.

** A Structured Product, also known as a market linked investment, is generally a pre-packaged investment strategy often based on derivatives or indicies.